Healing Our Ancestors, Healing Ourselves

A Mindfulness Retreat


October 26 . 28, 2001

with an optional extra day, October 25

at Soldier Mountain Resort near Fairfield, Idaho

. Your sangha. family, friends and co-practitioners. is the soil, and you are the seed. No matter how vigorous the seed is, if the soil does not provide nourishment, your seed will die. A good sangha is crucial for practice." .      Thich Nhat Hanh

     Please join the Beginner. s Mind Sangha for our annual fall mindfulness retreat led by Minh Tran, a Vietnamese lay Dharmacharya who lives in Montreal, Canada .

       During this retreat we will stop much of our usual activity, simplify our lives and practice meditation to calm our minds. We will look deeply at our thoughts and feelings and touch those places of peace that are within us. We will sit in meditation several times a day, walk mindfully indoors and out, share tea with joyful awareness, and discuss opportunities for living our lives mindfully. Our teacher will lead us along the path in both silence and compassionate understanding. We will have time with him to touch the refreshing, healing and nourishing elements inside and around us, things we might miss in our everyday lives. Quiet joy and a sense of community will permeate this time together .

       In light of this year. s theme of healing, participants are asked to bring a picture or memento of an ancestor to share as a part of the ceremony on Saturday night .

 RETREAT LEADER    Minh Tran was invested as a Dharmacharya (dharma teacher) by Thich Nhat Hanh (. Thây,. or teacher) in 1994. His dharma name is Chan Huy (. True Radiance. ). He is a member of the Elder Council of the Order of Interbeing and is the coordinator of the Order. s Education and Training Committee. Minh Tran teaches mindfulness meditation classes for French Canadians at Huyen Khong and Lien Hoa, two Vietnamese pagodas in Montreal. In addition to these responsibilities, he says, . I try to support and help Thây in his work in the United States with Maple Forest Monastery and Green Mountain Dharma Center.. Minh Tran is also a professional engineer with two childrenPlease come to Soldier Mountain Resort to help us welcome this gentle man back to Idaho .

 LOCATION   Soldier Mountain Resort, about 100 miles east of Boise, nestles at the base of the Soldier Mountains and enjoys expansive views of the Camas Prairie. This beautiful and peaceful setting is a wonderful place for walking and sitting meditation. Accommodations are in comfortable six-person cabins a short walk from the zendo (meditation room). Each room must sleep two people. Bring a sleeping bag and pad, warm clothes, slippers or heavy socks for the zendo, meditation pillows or bench, a throw, and sturdy walking shoes for outdoor meditation. (A few private rooms are available at higher cost. Contact Chris Lammer, 208-387-1776 or Lammer@mse-environmental.com.)

FEES: Friday - Sunday: $175  Thursday - Sunday: $215

$20 discount if payment is received in full by Friday, Oct. 12.

Fees are not refundable after that date.

         Note: The registration fee covers only fixed expenses: lodging, 3 vegetarian meals daily, and travel and compensation for our teacher. You are invited to make an additional donation to Beginner. s Mind Sangha scholarship fund, whether or not you attend this retreat .

SCHOLARSHIPS   Scholarships, in the form of either delayed or reduced payment, are available. Contact Chris Lammer, 208-387-1776 or Lammer@mse-environmental.com.

REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY  Your deposit is refundable only if you notify Dane Lyons of cancellation by October 12.

QUESTIONS?  For further information, contact Dane or Debbie Lyons at 208-585-3652 or e-mail ddslyons@aol.com. A registration packet with additional information about the retreat will be sent upon receipt of your deposit.

Space is limited.  Please register early to ensure your place. Accommodations will be assigned as registrations are received. Your registration must be accompanied by a $50 deposit or payment in full to be valid.

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Please mail this form with a check or money order made out to Beginners Mind Sangha to: Dane Lyons, 23353 N. Duff Lane, Middleton, ID 83644 (208-585-3652 or ddslyons@aol.com).